Thank Yous

To Hayley & Will,

I would like to say Thank you so much for making a special day so much more memorable. Your amazing photographs left us speechless and brought back all the emotions of the day, our laughter, tears and joy. Everyone who has seen the pictures online to date have been so impressed with the quality and creativity of the photos which perfectly capture everything about our perfect day.

Kirsty & Bill

Hi Hayley & Will,

Thank you so so much for all your brilliant pictures!  They are truly amazing and Martin and I enjoyed looking through them together on Friday night!!!  I took your advice and we had a glass of wine and enjoyed re-living our wedding!  I can't thank you and will enough for all that you did on the day.  Not only did you capture the moment so well, but you were so supportive on the day and brilliant in making sure that things ran smoothly!  I can't compliment you both enough, my mum thinks you were amazing as does my dad.  I cannot wait for them all to see what you have done too.

Michelle & Martin

Hi Hayley and Will.

It is really rather late to send a massive thank you email as it is over six months since you did out wedding. Sorry! But now that I am shhhh (30) I have been to a few weddings, experienced a few photographers and seen their results. Now I also understand there is likely to be a slightly large bias towards my own photos, but it really annoys me how shoddy some other photographers are compared to you guys. I've been to weddings where the photographer is rude to guests also trying to take photos from 'their' shot, ruining the atmosphere, or ones who have made their 'assistants' stand in the way of other people's shots, or just plain simple rubbish, amateurish output. My father (of six children - four of which married before me) announced to the whole family how my photos were the best he has ever seen from wedding pictures. You managed to take many, take the right ones, capture great moments and generally make both Martin and I look great. Massive thanks and love to you both.